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Diamond Pet brand is well known all over India for its quality household items eg. lunchboxes , fridgebottles , sports bottles etc .

Insulated bottles and lunchboxes with playable games are a rage among school going kids .

Some innovations like 'Night Glow Fridge Bottle' which glows in dark offers perfect substitute for Bedside jugs for night .

Our other patent-pending world class innovations are such as 'Tamba/Copper Rod Fridge Bottle' which has all benefits of drinking from a Tamba/Copper vessel .

Our Lunchboxes have playable games to be played by one person like football and golf . And playable games to be played by two person like tic-tac-toe and cricket .

We have fridge bottles with Screw Caps , Snap-On Caps , Sipper Caps , Handle Caps etc .

We have printed fridge bottles with both plastic and steel caps .

Printed Jars with both  plastic and steel caps are available from 25ml to 6ltr capacity .

We also make sports double walled bottles for use in gym etc .

We use pet/hdpe/ldpe/polycarbonate materials to make our Diamondpet range of products .

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